WDS Group

Fastener specialist & rivet supplier

The WDS Group is known as fastener specialist and Australia’s choice of supplier for all types of nuts and bolts, rivets and other construction, engineering products, building supplies.

Company History


Now a premier supplier of retail and wholesale fasteners Australia-wide, WDS began life as a very different company. WDS understands what customers require from their bolts and nuts suppliers as we were once customers ourselves.

Before Fasteners

WDS Sales and Packaging started out as Western Districts Reflective Insulations (WDRI) back in 1980, selling reflective foil insulation for domestic and commercial use. WDRI was successful at retrofitting existing buildings with reflective foil insulation and was quite a large user of various fixings and fasteners.

Finding good fastener suppliers became an issue for WDRI, and we soon started sourcing our own product direct from wholesale bolts and nuts suppliers. Due to our success in sourcing wholesale fasteners, various tradespeople began pursuing us for fixings and it was from there that we decided there could be a future for us as fastener suppliers.

Self-drilling screws: the start

In mid-1983 WDS Sales and Packaging was registered as a business and began to develop sales in self-drilling screws to poultry shed builders. Seeing the opportunity to repackage self-drilling screws for the handyman, we built a business as self-drilling screws fastener suppliers both to major retailers and direct to customers.

In 1988 WDS moved to our current premises in Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park, expanding into a second unit next door in 1992.


In 2000 we renamed the front end of the business WDS Construction and Engineering Products to properly reflect our business. As we move into the future we anticipate many more changes in order to enhance our service levels and meet the demands of the market. For bolts and nuts suppliers that truly understand customer needs, contact WDS today.