WDS Group - for the best advice in fasteners, Australia-wide

The WDS Group is a Sydney-based supplier of fasteners with access to over 50,000 products. As an independent business, we have supplier relationships that allow us to custom-order specialty bolts and nuts along with specific tools requested by customers.

Although we have a huge product range of fasteners on offer, it is the knowledge of our staff about screws, tools, drill bits, bolts and nuts that sets us apart.

For all your fastening needs, shop with WDS Group - your total fastener specialist.

Most diverse range of fasteners Australia-wide

With over 22,000 stock keeping units and tens of thousands more fasteners and other products available to order, WDS Group's diverse range of bolts and nuts, screws, tools, adhesives, drill bits and more has a solution to suit your needs.

Our products include:
  • High tensile bolts and nuts

  • Mild steel bolts and setscrews to 600 mm

  • Structural bolts

  • Specialised bolts and nuts and locking nuts

  • Construction anchoring and drilling products

  • Self-drilling screws and accessories

  • Drill bits

  • Abrasives and cutting tools

  • Threaded rod - high tensile, mild steel, brass, galvanised, zinc and plain

  • Construction sealants and grouts

  • Eltrak sliding door systems and components

  • Stainless steel bolts, fixings and hardware

  • Transport chains and fittings

  • Kincrome tools

As in independent store, WDS Group has greater flexibility in our product range. We can easily order items - for example hardware - especially for customers as required. We have also developed relationships with suppliers and craftsmen who are able to custom-manufacture products.


The WDS Group supplies fasteners to industries as diverse as:

  • Construction - commercial, civil, industrial and residential
  • Steel fabrication & other engineering
  • Transport
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • DIY

We cater for these different markets through our four specialist divisions:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Kit Solutions
  • Transport
  • Customer Offer

We can meet with construction and engineering customers onsite, providing the fasteners you need on demand from our extensive ex-stock range.

Our trade centre staff can provide the best advice on fasteners Australia-wide. For most queries we'll be able to provide the product you need - from bolts and nuts, specialty screws and anchoring to specific drill bits - but if not, our supplier relationships allow us to order in specialty items as needed.

Specialty services

WDS is the Australian specialist in customised, pre-packaged kits of bolts and nuts for a range of industries, including construction, engineering and DIY project kits.

Shipping fasteners Australia-wide, our expert packers ensure that orders are accurate, correctly labelled, uniformly packed and promptly dispatched, regardless of size or quantity.

Our pre-packaged kits not only provide all of the screws, bolts and nuts you need; packing variable volumes of products is our speciality, and we can also include in kits any other building products and elements you need, for example certain tools and drill bits.

Wherever you need your fasteners Australia-wide, we can cater to your order, quickly and carefully.

Offering one of the most diverse ranges of fasteners Australia-wide, you can rely on WDS Group for the best advice on screws and other fastening elements, drill bits, tools, adhesives and more. Start shopping today with your total fastener specialist.